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JZR350/JZR500 Concrete Mixer



Capacity of loading:560L/750L

Capacity of discharging:350L/500L

Operation dimensions:4050*2150*2950mm / 5200*2250*2950mm



This machine is used for remote areas without electricity, and it can not be achieved mechanized construction machinery specially designed, its principle is based on the existing JZC350 mixer fitted with a diesel power generation system, which provides electricity to the machine to ensure the mixer work. As the output of 15KW power generation system to ensure the mixer so work, while also providing part of the energy used to drive external other small devices, such as vibrator.

 For work and night lighting. In addition the machine in the case of external matching power supply, no need for power generation equipment, direct access to an external power source to use, so that the diesel-electric dual-use. First, the purpose and characteristics of the machine used for mixing concrete plasticity and low liquidity, can mix concrete each 0.35m3 (mean volume after tamping), the production rate of 12 ~ 14m3 / h, suitable for most small and medium construction, road , bridges, water conservancy and concrete structures plant.


1. Diesel engine, a good choice for those areas lacking of electricity.                  2. Reasonable structure, high reliability, high productivity, even mixing effect.

3. Easily moved between construction sites.                                                        4. Stable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption.

Model JZR350 JZR500
Type Self-falling Self-falling
Towing Two-towing wheels Two-towing wheels
Capacity of loading 560L 750L
Capacity of discharging 350L 500L
Capacity of water tank 110L 140L
Power 11.3kw 14.7kw
Aggregate Diameter ≤60mm ≤60mm
Weight(kg) 2050 3050
Operation dimensions 4050*2150*2950mm 5200*2250*2950mm
Delivery dimensions 1950*2080*2100mm 3500*2100*2250mm


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