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Stabilized soil batching plant WBZ500


Performance:500 t/h

Power of the whole station:155.5 kw

Weight of the whole station:51 t




Production line equipment of WBZ500 stabilized soil batching plant is developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd on the basis of test for yeas and actual cases. It is widely used for large and medium sized construction projects, road and bridge projects, as well as precast concrete product factory, with the advantages of excellent performance, advanced technologies, reasonable structure, reliable operation, convenient usage, easy maintenance, high productivity, accurate batching ratio and uniform mixing results. It is the ideal choice for construction units to produce foundation materials.
WBZ500 stabilized soil batching plant mainly consists of sand-stone aggregate batching system, water supply system, mixing system, powder material batching system, finished material conveyor, finished material storage silos, pneumatic system and electrical control system.
I. Aggregate batching system
Aggregate batching system is made up of aggregate silo and belt conveyor. Block-style silos are connected by pins, so the silos can be installed, disassembled and transported conveniently. Use the belt conveyor of electromagnetic speed regulation to realize continuous variable speed.
II. Mixing system
Adopt non-lining double-horizontal-shaft forced mixer with advanced performance. The mixer adopts the world’s best shaft end sealing technology, and shaft end bearing is completely separated from shaft end sealing, so that it is difficult for mud and sand to go into the bearing, and replacement and maintenance are convenient and fast. Mixing drum has a large capacity, mixing uniformly and efficiently.


III. Aggregate and finished material conveying system
Aggregate and finished material conveying system adopts belt conveyor with small inclined angle and circular rubber belt with seamless vulcanized joints. And service life of belt is lengthened greatly by compact instruction, reliable operation and accurate conveying direction.
IV. Powder batching system
Powder batching system is made up of cement silos, rotary pocket feeder and screw conveyor.
V. Finished material storage system
Finished material storage system adopts pneumatic double-door structure and is equipped with device for anti-segregation. Storage hopper has a large capacity and fast discharging speed.
VI. Electrical control system
Electrical control system has two options of manual mode and automatic mode, with characteristics of easy operation and good reliability. Operation of every part is controlled integrally on the console, so just one operator is enough. Key electrical elements are purchased from intentionally known manufacturers to ensure the product quality.
WBZ500 stabilized soil batching plant manufactured by Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd can work continuously, with the characteristics of excellent performance, advanced technologies, reliable operation, convenient usage, easy maintenance, high productivity, accurate batching ratio, and uniform mixing results. It is the top choice to produce various stabilized soil.

Performance and characteristics

1. Excellent mixing performance
Mixing performance and and mixing uniformity of mixer are excellent. Super-long mixer is applicable for different kinds of stabilized soil and stabilized sand.
2. Good maintenance performance
Every maintenance part is equipped with platform with intuitive view and enough operation space, to make check and maintenance convenient.
3. High reliability
Mixer, with unique shaft end bearing and sealing, improves greatly operation reliability of equipment. Key components of control system and cement system are selected from famous brand at home and abroad, to decrease sharply failure rate of equipment.
4. Accurate measurement performance
The control system made up of sensors and computer has a strong ability to resist interference and operates stably and reliably. And it can perform measurement control in time accurately.
6. Simple operating performance
The whole equipment can be controlled automatically, semi-automatically or manually, simple to operate and handle. Calibration and adjustment of weighing system are simple, no need for complex parameter setting. Computer with friendly man-machine interface can operate conveniently and intuitively to store and print report forms.
7. Flexible combinations and arrangement
Arrange the whole equipment according to the size of field. there are linear arrangement and L-shaped arrangement to meet diversified requirements of customers. 


Model Production rate Metering method Mode of speed regulation Control method

Weighing accuracy

Overall power Overall weight
WBZ500 500 t/h Volume metering/Computer metering Frequency speed control/Electromagnetic speed control Automatic Manual


Powder material

155.5 kw 51 t


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